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What acne cleanser works the best for oily skin?

Q. I break out on my forehead alot. Does oil make you breakout? My skin gets pretty oily by the afternoon. What acne cleanswer would work well and reduce the oil? Thanks!

A. Here are just a few tips to help with your quest to beat acne:

1. Clean your skin regularly with a good cleanser to keep your pores clear and avoid oil and dirt clogging them.
2. Do not squeeze your pimples, by squeezing them you can spread the bacteria over other parts of your skin causing more pimples.
3. Eat a good balanced diet, a healthy diet will go a long way to keeping your skin clear.
4. Drink lots of water which will hydrate your skin and flush out the impurities.
5. Sometimes stress can't be avoided, but you can make some changes so that you deal with stress more effectively.

These are just a few tips that can be followed quite easily and will really go a long way in your battle with your acne.

A healthy lifestyle is the key ingredient to healthy skin!
Take care...
i hope this helps u
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What acne product works best to get fast and effective results?
Q. There are several popular acne products but which one gets you the results faster, and is it effective? Neutrogena, clearasil, clean and clear, clinique, biore, olay, and l'oreal. Which of these is the best acne product to get rid of acne with fast and effective results that you can see? And if you know, is there a product that gets rid of acne scars?

A. I am a senior girl in high school and have recently been struggling with, more like battling acne, specifically on my chin and forehead/between my eyes. I tried everything; creams, gels, the wave, but nothing topical seemed to work. I read some stuff online about diet corresponding with skin. Though foods havenât been proven to be linked to acne, I firmly stand by the saying âyou are what you eatâ. If you are healthy on the inside, then it will show on the outside. I took matters into my own hands and created my own âdietâ. Please keep in mind that everyone is different and though this has worked wonders for me, it might not be for everyone.
I cut dairy, breads, peanuts, anything processed, and sugar out of my diet as much as possible. I upped the fruits and veggies and completely cut out soda and juice which I replaced with waterâand lots of it. Seriously, the more water you can drink, the better.
I do switch this up all the time but this is what I typically eat:
Breakfast: Water, a multi-vitamin, one scrambled egg, and fruit. It keeps me surprisingly full and tastes great.
Lunch: Salad (with chicken) or soupâsomething light and healthy. Chicken tastes great on salads and a little vinaigrette makes it less boring. Skip the creamy dressings and croutons.
Snack: A handful of almonds and some fruit or veggies (I like baby carrots ï)
Dinner: I eat dinner as I normally would but stay away from high calorie, fatty foods like hamburgers, pizza, or Chinese. I always eat a vegetable or salad at dinner as well.
Dessert: Fruit if possible, but sometimes I have a square of dark chocolate. Itâs actually good for you and gives you a quick sugar fix.
Again, everyone is different. My skin is completely clear as long as I stick to this diet. I went out of town and went back to my old eating habits and my skin broke out horribly! As soon as I came home, I went on a healthy kick and my skin is gorgeous again.
Try it... the worst it could do is nothing. You might even drop a few pounds which never hurts!
Best of luck!

So much acne I look like a pumpkin?
Q. I have so much really small acne it makes my face look horribly red. I'm looking for a permanent solution not just a few hour fix to my redness any recommendations? Thanks a million!

A. Go to a skin specialist. It does not have to be like this. There are drugs that will clear it all up.

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