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What acne products work the absolute best?

Q. I used to have flawless skin almost always, now i get horrible dark red breakouts. I also keep getting marks from previous acne. I wash my face every night and use a spot treatment. I also wash my face every morning and use a salicylic acid moisterizer before i put on makeup because i have dry skin. Its not working. What should i do?

A. The best acne products would be the ones you get from the doctor by prescription. If that's not an option, try Proactive.

What acne treatments are safe during pregnancy?
Q. In 1st trimester, and I have it worst on my chest and back. Does anyone have experience dealing with acne during pregnancy? What did your dermatologist recommend?

A. As long as the medication does not enter your blood they should be safe. I had a question about this with thinning hair treatments and my OB told me it was safe because a topical doesn't enter the blood stream.

What acne treatment would work best for filipinos?
Q. and one more question. So filipinos are officially southeast asian. However they look more somewhat hispanic. And they have spanish background. Can anyone shine the light on this topic?

A. i think proactive works best for filipinos b/c i have a lot of filipino friends that have acne problem and they all use proactive and they have super clear skin..but also neutrogena works best to b/c if you stop using it for a day or two you dont break out again

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